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Engage & answering

Our team of moderators is professionally trained to the top of copywriting qualities, carefully taught approach which incentivise newcomers having more interest towards the project.

Prelaunch Hype

We are fully aware of how important it is for community to appear full of hype - therefore we have developed various tactics to create and maintain hype for launch to ensure best results possible.

Creating & managing

Fully set-up Discord server with all necessary channels, categories, customised bots for security, support and community interaction which our team manages.

Events & Game hosting

Everyone loves events and games! We find keeping community busy of high importance. Attending activities is one of our strategies to maintain positivity, creating active environment in community encourages people to invest.

FUD control

Unsanctioned FUD can be one of the biggest punches to the project if not managed properly. Moderators are taught to follow certain protocol which allows us to remain calm, formal and emotionally stable at the times when project is facing a serious threat.

Politely explaining

Onboarding newcomers is our TOP priority at Anamodera. Fine first impression is one of the key points we are aiming to achieve. We've developed a unique approach to newcomers so staff can appear both formal and friendly. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

24/7 availability

At any time of the day you may remain stressless knowing our team is covering 24/7 in various shifts.

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Other services

Moderated Platforms

At the moment, we only do professional moderation on these platforms, but we will continue to expand to more in the coming months!

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